Advisor, Wildfire Science

Kira Hoffman

Kira Hoffman is a fire ecologist interested in fire behaviour, pyrodiversity, and supporting Indigenous-led fire stewardship. In 2021, she began a jointly appointed postdoctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia and fhe Bulkley Valley Research Centre. Her research focuses on understanding historic fire activity and how fire suppression has eroded wildfire resiliency in the sub-boreal forests of northwest B.C.

Kira’s PhD research reconstructed Holocene fire activity, climate, and vegetation in temperate rainforests located on the Central Coast of B.C. She assessed ecological legacies associated with long-term cultural burning and using fire as a tool for resource management. This work has contemporary applications in forest management, such as reducing wildfire risk and establishing prescribed and cultural burning programs in B.C. that are informed by Indigenous knowledge and Western science.

After living in California and the Pacific Northwest for several years, Kira recently returned to her roots in northwest British Columbia. She enjoys communicating her research findings through non-academic channels, including magazines, radio, and blog posts. Kira is equally divided in her love of the mountains and oceans and spends as much time as possible outside with her family.